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1:1 Functional Health & Nutrition Coaching Sessions

If you’ve not read about My Approach, I encourage you to do that before looking at my session packages. I really want you to understand what sets me apart from other Health and Wellness Coaches – starting with my Philosophy of Care and experience in Functional Health.

What You Can Expect On Your First Visit?

Your first session is typically a Visioning Session where I ask meaningful questions that help you think about and express what it is that you really want in your life. After we co-create a Vision Statement, you set a few long-term goals, and we start moving forward from there!

Adapt Certified Functional Health Coach |Your Mindset


You  will experience one-on-one Coaching which begins with creating a Vision Statement, then setting long-term and short-term goals with me. Each session, you will choose what you want to focus on and will be coached on that focus/topic. At the end of every session, you will walk away with a new learning and an action step that gets you closer to your goals.

Nutrition Consultations

Get the benefits of Heather’s expertise in both Functional Nutrition and Health Coaching by getting a discounted Nutrition Consultation in this bundle! This package includes 6 Health Coaching Sessions plus 1 Nutrition Consultation (45 mins).  

Health Coaching & Nutrition Bundle

Perfect for new clients seeking Nutrition and Lifestyle Consultation. Note: A 5-day Food Journal needs to be emailed to Heather 24hrs prior to your Consultation. Nutrition and supplementation will be discussed and addressed, along with other strategies to help you achieve your health and wellness goals.

“Heather embodies gracious, calming and focused energy. She listens and guides you through the 4 pillars of health and is so knowledgeable that coach doesn’t seem to come close to describing her services. She is one of the elite coaches that is Board Certified and is consistently learning and growing her already enormous number of resources and knowledge. I leave every session feeling positive, focused and more prepared to face my mental and physical goals.”


Strength. Focus. Balance.


Your strengths are unique to you. Identifying your strengths and where you can apply them is empowering in problem-solving and achieving your goals.


You choose the focus of every session – what you want to talk about that day and work through to find an action step to take toward your own success.


Every productive conversation is balanced between listening and sharing. Our sessions are a space for you to be heard and to share, and where I listen and reflect so that you can discover your own solutions and create plans for success.


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